Massive stutters when close to another Bell 47G

As the title states… When flying with multiplayer on as soon as i get within approx 100m of another Bell 47 frametimes go crazy and it turns into a stuttering mess. Look away and it’s smooth as butter again. Obviously this makes close formation flying with fellow Bell47 pilots impossible.

Any idea what’s going on?

Most likely the two Bell 47s at once are pushing your graphics card over the edge. Which GPU are you running, and do you have your graphics settings turned up pretty high? Finally, is this in VR or on desktop?

Nothing to do with my GPU. It was at 70% usage and had 2 gigs of vram free at the time.

I haven’t flown it for a few months, but i used to fly with a group of 3 of us in Bells with no issue at all so it’s got nothing to do with my system.

It might be a long shot, but long ago, back in the alpha phase of MSFS, certain liveries on nearby multiplayer aircraft or on the pilots own aircraft, did cause the sort of stuttering you describe.

It might be worth asking your flight buddies to switch to a default livery, to at least remove this as a possibility. If switching liveries does appear to solve the issue, i’ll see if i can find the original thread(s) that covered it and whether there might have been a solution/workaround for the affected livery(ies)

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Thanks for the reply, yes this occurred to me last night actually. I was going to mention it but you beat me to it!

It is exactly the same symptoms as last years livery issue. (for those who aren’t aware, users that flew with non default liveries in close proximity to others in the same aircraft caused the massive stuttering issues)

Unfortunately i no longer fly with those guys and have no one to test this theory out with so I would appreciate it the devs could test this out.

As far as i recall there wasn’t a workaround… Asobo had to fix it. If there is a workaround i’d love to know!

Thanks Stu,

We’ll see if we can reproduce the issue and get to the bottom of what’s causing it.



if all use the livery it work,i think…