Model in MSFS multiplayer mode

In MSFS’s multiplayer mode, I see “hovering pipers” instead of helicopters. What am I doing wrong?

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Are the people you are with in Multiplayer flying the B47 as well ?


Thanks for the question!
Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure if I should see the BELL 47G or the H135, but I have Piper planes floating around. I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Try this amazing bit of freeware, very easy to use and if you have friends in MP then they should grab it too :wink:


There’s a setting in MSFS where you can choose to use either generic models or the actual aircraft. Something about performance i think, but if you don’t choose generic, you should see the actual aircraft. I think it’s on the Traffic tab IIRC.

→ TonyF:
I downloaded the program, but haven’t gotten very far (can’t read English very well).

→ HawkMoth:
Thank you very much for this tip! I’ll try tomorrow.

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There’s multiple issues in MSFS with displaying the correct model and/or texture, it doesn’t take much for the Bonanza to show instead of model being flown.

Thank you very much for your kind explanation!

Yes it worked! For at least a while, I’ve seen both models from other online gamers; the Bell 47G and the Airbus H135. Then suddenly they mutated again into hovering airplanes …

There is a traffic tab for monitors and another for VR, so it may be that you only changed one of them and then switched from 2d to VR or vice versa and saw different models??

Naturally! This is exactly the mistake I made. I’m not the youngest anymore and I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks again for this next tip!

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