Can I install into the community folder via MSFS Addons Linker?

? Is this for liveries ?


no. I would like to allow addons linker to load the main model into community folder.

Why would you need to do that ? Cannot it not find your installation path?


I want to simplify emptying to community folder with sim updates, hence symbolic links

Cannot answer that as never tried it ? Maybe give it a go?


I will. Thanks Tony.

Can you let us know how you get on ?


I use addon linker and it works fine :slight_smile:

What it does it creates system links to the folders instead of putting addons directly in the community folder, that way you can turn addons on and off without having to move files around, saves SSD life and less hassle in general.

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Will do. If the installer allows me to pick the install folder,(community or a stand-in) it should be a snap.

I was able to install the Bell47 into a folder I’d created in MSFS Addons Linker tonight and had a blast of a first flight. The installer correctly located my in-sim community folder, but instead of installing there, I was able to navigate to a folder I’d created for the addons linker. After ticking the box in MSFS Addons Linker and starting the sim, it was time to fly. The installer made it a cinch. Thanks guys for a super fun product!

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me too I use addon linker and it works fine

Also using addon linker here, works fine.

Thanks OP I’d never even heard of this before ? :wink:


Something that concerned me a bit with MSFS is with all this modding and a lot of big files, moving stuff around and updating, if this goes on for years now, how will the SSD take that, my M.2 has 600TB write life, thats pretty good but still. So I love this program because it helps minimize that aspect a bit.

Can’t be specific without searching for it, but one of the computer tech magazines did some deep testing of SSDs after many years of wear and tear of rewrites and found very little degradation, certainly nothing to be over concerned about and not worse than HDD drive failures.

yeah I know that, but when you start deleting and adding files in large quantities every week wich you can do if you go deep in to the rabbit hole, I just wanna be a bit nice to it… and not wear it excessivly.

I have a 10 year old SSD thats still fine, and its jut a 90 gb drive… xD Not using it atm tho, its in an old laptop these days that is too slow to play MS Minesweeper on xD no joke!

Also, I dont think most people even know what happens when you run out of use on an SSD. It will stop accepting data, you can only read it, and it will keep working for about a year. But you are correct, normally its nothing to worry about and it will likely last 20 years… xD