would it be possible to allow the “HeliManager” application to remember the personal installation path of “MSFS Community Packages Location” to avoid having to navigate to our own location for each update? (it does it correctly for the “HeliManager” install path, why not allow it for the COMMUNITY PACACKAGES)

Right now the installer looks up the community folder via two different files:
%AppData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt

Could you check whether your UserCfg.opt is pointing to the correct community folder? If that is looking in the right spot, the installer should point to it automatically. If not we’d love more info so we can figure out why.

Yes, it is indeed the path indicated in the UserCfg.opt file which is proposed by HeliManager. But in my case (and many other users) to save space on the disk of MSFS, I do not install any addon in COMMUNITY (neither devices , neither sceneries). I install them on another disk and it is “MSFS_ADDONSLinker” which takes care of placing the selected junctions in the COMMUNITY folder.
This makes it possible to reserve one disk only for MSFS and another for ADDONS and to have a more efficient and graphical management of ADDONS.
Please find attached a screenshot from another publisher (not to mention it) which allows you to customize the destination location of the helicopters…

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