MSFS recognizes the Bell 47 as an airplane


Since the 40th update, when I try to take off from an helipad, I have a red alert from MSFS 2020 because it recognizes the Bell 47 as an airplane and not a helicopter.
I’m the only one with this issue? Someone can tell if there is a solution?

Thx in advance.

SU11 changed the type… the next update for the 47 will address all that and bring it in line with the 206. If you look in the forums, there is a text edit workaround that should get you there until we release the update… shouldnt be too long…couple of weeks or so.


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Thank you Ron but I can’t locate the file. I purchased the BELL 47 on the microsoft market place.
If it’s simple as that, why FlyInside didn’t corrected the issue yet!

Ah! Market place. I could guide you there but it will probably be encrypted. Buy from the developers, much better. Not to mention more money for the guys who make this stuff.