MSFS2020 - Flying in VR - New York up close and personal in the Bell 47G

Hi, i’m just a happy bloke. Bought the game 2 years ago, with the promise they would support VR. And never have i been able to run it in VR with every setting on ultra, but look at me now, can record it too and didn’t even need to buy a graphic cards for it. Booyah!
Nowhere near the best quality vids out there, but that’s not the point. I’m not a content creator, being able to record is just a bonus feature. What i want is awesome graphics and a smooth experience in VR. To ‘protect’ my beautiful graphics, i was forced to record in 720p@30.

Besides showing off the graphics and my flying skills which… i… you know that i don’t even now if i’m a good helicopter pilot, you should have seen me a year a go. i think i’m good, but i’m pretty sure some of you will look at my flying and just shake their heads and think: “amateur”. Show me! Show me, how it’s done! :wink:

Anyway, was also hoping to meet some fellow helicopter pilots to cruise around with since the Bell is my preferred flying machine, what better place to ask then here.
From Europe btw, speaking English and Dutch

My in-game name is RubberKut. I think that’s how you can find me?


Your name… lol (Ja ik ben Nederlands!!) Are you on Discord, Rotorsim or something? Than communicating is also possible. Rene Feijen in the sim (and in real life too).

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Absolutely awesome mate !!! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


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It was amazing, thx Rene! 2 years of flying with only voices in my head, it was a pleasant surprise to hear voices that where not mine, haha :slight_smile:

But i’m not done yet, only 1 Bell flyer? :slight_smile: I know we can do better. Telling ya, all the fix wing players will be jealous, looking at us. Bunch of choppers making the area unsafe :wink:

Probably not the best place to mention it here, but lets write it down before i forget.
I noticed stuttering whenever i came close to the other bell 47G in-game.

Not sure about the distance, lets say 100 meter is still fine, everything is running smooth, but as soon the Bell comes within 50 meters, i start to notice lag/stuttering. Up to the point until we are so close to each other that the helicopter disappears.

I am hoping, that it’s a performance issue of the bell and not me pushing my pc to the limits. (because then it can be fixed! And i’ve been trying real hard optimizing my own system, it’s gonna hurt if i have to set it lower, just for those situations :wink: )

Hi friend,

How have you done to gain frames in fs2020 vr without having to update the graphics card???.

Thank you for help me.


I noticed the lag/stuttering also, thought it was my side, but must be some server/FS2020 issue. But it was nice to do!

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Well a lot.

I delidded my CPU, added liquid metal and my cpu is running now @5Ghz
make sure you have enough RAM, i have 32Gb. 16Gb just isn’t enough and you will notice better performance.
Also, run it on a SSD, every little bit helps.

A clean windows install is always recommended if you haven’t done that for a while.

The oculus tray tool is a must for MSFS2020 if you have an oculus headset, and set the ASW on 18hz.

Case Airflow!!! Since i like to tweak my pc, i also messed it up a few times. Tried to make my system silent… But when the case heats up, your GPU is unable to dump the heat and you will notice stutters… So play with that as well.

I do think, that nowadays the airlfow is less of an issue, i don’t hear my GPU spin as hard as it used to do on previous versions of the sim.

The render resolution in game is a power full setting, i have it now 90. (still playing with this one and the super sampling settings in the oculus tray tool)

Since i enjoy low and slow flying, smooth flying on lower altitude is a must! ANd i love graphics, and now i refuse to set it on high, Ultra settigns does give that little extra prettyness in game.

yeah it was lovely, i was busy lately. But soon i’ll have more time again.

But first, some tweaking… i love updates… The sim is so much more enjoyable and playable then before.