My $50 DIY Cyclic

Well actually it was $150 because I bought a $100 TM Airbus joystick, butchered it within the first hour of opening the box thinking I’d use it as the basis, but then realised it has pre programmed centre deadzone that can’t be completely removed and too much flex when friction is added - at least I’m using the grip :slight_smile:

Then realised I’d have to build a uni-joint. I ordered a 3d hall sensor project board from china expecting it to take months to arrive, so I used individual hall sensors while I waited and Leonardo board.

Board arrived and modified uni to suit

It won’t win any beauty contests, but it works for me :slight_smile:

The wire is the friction/dampening with trusty candle wax. I just tighten the screws clamping the plastic strips to add more dampening.


Nice! I love seeing everyones solutions to our heli flying problems

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Nice ! :+1:

Now I can see how you use Hall effect. Not so complicated to make it working, but i have to order all needed parts !

As far as hall sensor parts go - All Ebay items.

10 hall sensors are about $8 AUD

A set of 200 magnets used above is around $10 AUD

Pro Micro Leo boards around $12 AUD

The above items were stocked in Australia and inc shipping. Took about a week to arrive.

The 3d hall board could only be bought from china. It was $7.50 AUD inc shipping. It took just over a month.

Since the world’s relationship with China has gone down hill, it’s getting harder to get stuff into Australia from China. Only about 1/3 of items I order actually make it to my door.


Thanks ! I will have a look.