My Brother-In-Law

Hello, I just had a sort visit from my brother-in-law on his way from Agusta-Westland in Italy to the USA. He is the CEO of a large helicopter company in Las Vegas currently flying helicopters in and around the Grand Canyon. He did his initial helicopter training in the British Army Air Corps Bell 47s way back in the 1970s (he’s flown many types since and has over 10,000 hours).

He stopped over for a few hours in the UK so I invited him to try out your superb model using my home-made heli rig. Here are some of his observations (a pity he couldn’t spend too much time on the simulator). The model behaves very close to what he could remember all those years ago. He said that (a) in training, if you didn’t crack the hover within the first few hours of tuition, you would be moved on to other things. (b) The 47’s main rotor had so much inertia that during an auto-rotation, he used to land, lift off, spin 360 and re-land again. (c) In response to a forum entry, the yellow line on the canopy indicated that, during an auto-rotation, any landing spot below the line you could make, any above – no chance.

I’m really enjoying this amazing model, hats off to FlyInside. If I may, I’d like to ask: any chance you could a) tone down the main rotor shadows, b) change the tail rotor spin image and c) have the facility to include custom tail registrations as in most other MSFS aircraft?

See my rig below and what I mean by the tail rotor image…



Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s awesome that your brother-in-law got to try this and really enjoyed it. That was a neat story :slight_smile:

a) We’ve got a plan for this
b) I’ll check that out, interesting idea
c) I’ll also look into this, I hadn’t noticed that MSFS could do this to be honest.

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This may interest you mate and at the same time let the youngsters know what a skeeter is lol



thanks Tony

I didn’t know what a Skeeter looked like before that.

One can learn a lot from one’s elders :stuck_out_tongue: