My thoughts after a month with the 206b3

I have the F.I. 206. Had it for a month or so now. I just want to say that the latest update has made an improvement to the frame rate problem. It is now flyable and flys very good. However, this is a helo that an owner has made to reflect HIS expierence with a real 206b3. It will now fly right, and all systems are working as they are in real life. Study level? Maybe not. But I have been studying the real helo on the net and veryified the performance of the model. It can upset you if you do not follow procedures and burn up the engine. It is simple to operate the systems as the real one is pretrty simple to operate. Once you learn the helo, its systems, flight dynamics, and procedures, it becomes an aircraft you can jump in and have flying in minutes. Very rewarding. There is also a program with this helo that you can put the helo in a learner mode and make it easier to learn with as it will help with making the dynamics less stressing. Then you can work your way up to realistic. Somewhat like Dodosim did for FSX. Well worth the money and I am very happy with it!


Has FlyInside any plans to develop the Bell Huey helicopter? I´m waiting for it.

Based on our understanding, there are two developers working on the UH series. Unlike other devs, we try and not release what others are working on.

If that changes, we’d certainly be up for doing a classic huey.