Native MSFS heli manager

Will those of us who purchased the 47 through your website receive an update that moves the heli manager into MSFS like the marketplace version? I would prefer that for convenience.

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Agree, this seems like a needed feature to unlock the marketplace version. Having to sideload the program is a bit of a pain.

Unfortunately not, as we aren’t able to use the Marketplace encryption (replacing Heli Manager) outside of the marketplace version. If there’s interest we could move settings inside the helicopter (like the Marketplace version), but we’d still need the external application in order to activate.

I was an early adopter of the 47…I believe that helped
you launch the bird and showed support for your project…
to find that the Marketplace version has improved features
that make the 47 easier to load, fly, etc and that are not
going to be made available to your core audience is like a
kick in the nuts…I, personally, feel betrayed…in the future,
how many of us do you expect to buy anything new you offer
before it hits the Marketplace? should have thought of
us while rushing to the Marketplace…
there are many good helis for MSFS and yours is just one…
mark me as extremely pissed…and for good reason…

I am sorry you feel this way but I don’t understand ? As Dan has said the versions are identical in everyway apart from the Marketplace encryption protocol.


jmhelms - I’m not happy about this situation either, but as it stands, we have no mechanism for offering Marketplace keys. If we could, we would. This isn’t about us forgetting the users, we want to make this happen, but as of now, we cannot.

The Marketplace version is not easier to “load, fly, etc”. It has the exact same flight model and takes the same amount of time to load (both versions experience the same initial load/compilation step). In one version you tweak settings in a separate window, in one version you tweak settings in a floating UI pane inside MSFS. In both cases, it’s the same settings and UI, you still use the mouse, etc.

This also isn’t something we promised. I’d understand some outrage if we’d driven sales by promising a Marketplace version and transition to it. But truth is, at the time of launch, we weren’t sure there ever would be a Marketplace version, let alone whether Marketplace would allow us to add existing customers. We were upfront about that.

At the end of the day, a Marketplace transition would be nice to have. The minute we have that ability (if ever) we’ll do so. In the meantime remember that you already have the same exact helicopter and feature-set.

Hi Dan…thanks for the reply…

The big issue/question is, are the two versions the same and
do they work/operate the same…if they do, as you
say, then I have no gripe and I apologize for stirring
the pot over nothing…if they are different in any
material respect, then my gripe is legitimate…

To be sure we are on the same page, a question or
two about any differences in the two versions:

—First, how does the Manager work (in general)
in MSFS?..if it operates totally within MSFS, then that is a difference…
may not be big to you, but it gets tiring having to launch a separate
program (Manager) to get the 47 old version to fly…

–Second, are there any aspects of the MSFS 47 version that are
optimized for MSFS that are not in the non-MSFS version?..
I do not know what those may be and will have to trust your
reply…but the question occurs to me…

–Third, why cannot you just send us the MSFS version?..if
MS prohibits, I can understand…and,

–Fourth, will you update the old and new 47 versions simultaneously?
seems like you are now on a “two-track” development path…not
optimal and leading to more work for you all…

I look forward to your responses…no real hurry…we are where we
are and apparently, it won’t change quickly…and I know you all are

John Helms, Houston, TX

Hi John,

  1. So that’s a fair criticism, the second program can be annoying. We did our best to make the program load fast, and stay low on resources, but at the end of the day you’re right that it is a difference.

  2. Perf is identical. We are running the same code-base and artwork for the helicopter itself. The website version is actually at a very slight performance advantage, and a slightly faster initial load time. This is because the Marketplace built-in Heli Manager takes ~30 seconds for MSFS to compile on first load, and uses slightly more resources to display (being a WASM gauge). That said, it’s negligible and you won’t be able to measure any sort of FPS difference.

  3. Trust me, not a restriction coming from our end/desire. For other products we’ve actually done this (given Steam keys to customers who bought FFS through our website). But we have no ability to generate/distribute Marketplace keys (yet).

  4. Yes - simultaneously. It’s a little bit of work because we need to compile and upload twice but both versions are sharing the same code-base, so improvements to one automatically apply to the other. Not a huge issue for us.

Hope that helps clear things up a little.


Hi Dan…that clears things up…suggest you post
that explanation to the website…

Thanks, John H.