New user, I seem to be getting a strange flashing/reflection

Hello all, new guy here!!

First off, LOVE the helo, this is just what MSFS needed!!

But I seem to be having an issue with the rotor reflections in my cockpit view, when I turn a certain direction I get what looks like a corrupted reflection. It affects certain textures in the cockpit.
I have many add-on aircraft and have never seen this before.

Hard to describe so I made a video:

Could it be one of my settings?? OR does this look normal?

EVGA Z390 Dark ; i9 9900k ; 32gig Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 ; EVGA 3080 FTW Ultra ; Creative Audigy Rx ; Windows 10 Pro M.2 Samsung EVO 970 ; LG 4k monitor.
ALL latest drivers and updates installed.

Hi, RobCom.
Maybe it’s the lack of motion blur in rotor reflections? I understand that adding MB to reflections is probably unpractical or even impossible, but it’s indeed annoying.

I think this is the shadow, not a reflection. I don’t know if it would be possible to disable this somehow. Is it possible for some components to cast shadows and some not?

Those look like shadows to me. We actually have shadows disabled for the blade disk already, but it’s possible you’re flying at an angle where the sun is shining through the physical rotorhead parts (blade grips, etc). I’m hesitant to disable shadows for all of those parts, but those do look annoying.

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Yep I think you’re right, I think they are shadows. it’s strange that they only seem to appear through the front though, so maybe it’s something to do with how the shadows are passing through the front glass?

Anyways, it is just when I am at a certain angle, and /or when the sun is in a certain spot. I just happened to be flying to Laguardia that time, so it was hard to avoid it.

I’ll mess with my shadow settings and see if it helps.

STIL is an awesome helo!! I love it!!

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Firstly, I have to agree about the awesome bit. I never fly anything else in MSFS now. As for the shadows; I noticed that someone else was requesting a clear glass option. I presume that would also fix the ugly shadow problem (on my feeble system it looks like a windmill shadow). It would also be nice on those sightseeing tours when sunlight on the canopy kills the contrast.

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Yes, where I said “shadows” I really meant “reflections”, sorry about that. Anyway, I believe the lack of motion blur is to blame for the stroboscopic “annoyingness”. Impossible to fix, I presume, right, Dan?