Nick axis is not stable in easy mode!

I have posted this before.
An easy-mode is ideal for beginners.Unfortunately, the nick axis is not stable in easy mode on the Bell47G2! It oscillates uncomfortably strong. Roll and Yaw on the other hand are stable. I have attached a video for comparison. The H145 from the HPG Group flies very pleasantly in easy mode. I would wish the same for the Bell47G2!

Hi @avio,

If the helicopter is tending to go nose down or nose up, forcing you to correct, it might be worth checking that you are not unknowingly adjusting the trim.

I know that trim is not a function of the real Bell, but it was added to make cruising easier, for people that want to use it. However, if you have a ghost mapping that adjusts the trim or are accidentally touching the trim control, you would be likely to get odd results.



This has nothing to do with the trim, because the helicopter is stationary still when hovering. The problem with nick control is also that it works very indirectly. You overdrive the inputs.
It would be better if you could set the sensitivity for roll and nick separately.

Can you be a bit more specific ? So you are finding easy mode not easy ? Are you talking about when moving the cyclic forward then release you don’t continue forward momentum ? What is Nick ? Sorry to ask but I just want to be clear on what you are asking :slight_smile:


The easy mode is simple. I mean the overswinging after input of nick command. This should be dampened.

I believe nick is a common term for pitch in RC circles.

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Correctly. Nick = Pitch :grinning:


I noticed in the video that the trim indication is visible in the external readouts. It looks to me as though it is set at +0.1 units. I have found that changing this with a trim input so it is middle 0.0 helps with pitch stability. What I mean by middle 0.0 is that when I tap the trim button on my Thrustmaster the first click that results in 0.0 is one end of 0.0. Another click would put it at middle 0.0 and another would put it at the other side of 0.0. Give this a try and see if it helps at all. Let us know.


Thanks for the answer. If I set the trim to -0.1, it is better. A slight forward flight provides calming. But any input of pitch causes oscillation. Pitch should be damped at least in easy mode.