No GPS - can't turn on

So from a C/D cockpit when I start everything up I have no GPS turning on. I see others have theirs working if only for a little while but mine has not turned on at all, is there a power button I’m missing?

Edit: I’m on v1.92 and in VR.

Check the breaker for GPS

Roger that, it was already pushed in so I pulled it and put it back in just to give it a try and no go still. I even did a already started aircraft and no glory there either.

Install the working title update from marketplace, it’s free.


Thanks that seems to have done it.

No problem at all, glad i could help.


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Je n"ai pas de gps non plus .
J"ai toutes les mises à jour. J’ai vérifié les bouton gps aussi.
Merci pour votre réponse.

J’ai trouvé la solution