No obvious ground effect cushion. B47

Hi all,

Since 2.66 I’ve noted a significant increase in power required while descending below 10ft to the ground. This doesn’t feel right. The pick ups are great and much improved from the last version.
Where as previously you could sense the cushion as your rate of descent slowed and you needed to push through it lowering more pitch to counter the extra lift. I now find the descent rate increases when in ground effect and I need to suddenly apply a significant amount of collective pitch to avoid a heavy landing. It’s as if the cushion is gone. This has been on paved surfaces and grassed areas, into wind. This has been with one person onboard (77kg) and less than 50% fuel on an ISA day at approx 100ft elevation.

Any suggestions?

One other observation. I noted that the CARB HEAT gauge needle is no longer visible. I hope this doesn’t mean that there won’t now be any further development to have functioning carb icing effect requiring careful application of carb heat. I’d appreciate an answer on this one.

Stuart :grinning:

So many variables enter in that I’ll need more info. What was the Density Altitude you were at (Temp, Field Elevation) What was your actual descent rate? How heavy was your aircraft at the time and what was the MP at the time you puled in collective? I just tested it at N89 (296 ft) on a normal STP day with no wind and Ground Effect cushion is definitely still there.
Try an experiment, get into a hover during a STP day. Hover IGE note the MP (with RRPM in the green) then pull collective and get into an OGE hover, what’s the difference in MP with RRPM at the same level?


Thanks Rick, I’ll play around with it. and note the variables.

The “problem” with the B-47 is how realistic it is. It takes commitment to understanding helicopter physics, and a lot of practice, to make it fly right and enjoy the experience. Sadly, IMO, most people just want to play a helicopter-game. FI’s B-47 is not, I believe, meant to fulfill that. I used to fly helicopters 40 years ago, privately not professionally, and I think FI’s Bell 4-G is the most realistic sim heli for MSFS. I only wish there were more simulation developers interested in realistic flying models. :v:t2:

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Hi sonofarook,

I totally agree this is the most realistic helicopter in the MSFS universe. Like you I am a private helicopter pilot with 20+ years experience in several models from piston to turbines. The issues I’ve been facing are new since 2.66 and that’s why I posted.
This appears to be related to the other issues I posted about involving the disappearance of my rotors. I suspect it’s an issue between MSFS and FSUIPC which I use for my hardware (as generally it’s been very good for setting up multiple profiles for different helicopters and hardware). I’ll post a query over at the FSUIPC support to see if there is any clues there.


Hello RogueTrooper,

I hear you and I try not to get frustrated too much, sometimes I forget these Sims are only a game. Thank God we have FlyInside’s options. I tried to go as immersive as I could with VR, a DOF P6 and Puma X flight controls for helicopters. That’s helped a lot into fooling myself I’m on a real chopper :)).
Joke aside, I’m enjoying my rides.