Other players with the Bell47 fading out too far away in multiplayer

It seems other players with the Bell47 in multiplayer are fading out when still pretty far away.
It probably has something to do with LOD 100 and LOD 1 for the model but not sure.

Also spinning blade animations are still linked to other players blade animations in the Bell47.
(so if you shut down the heli all other players blade animations also shut down)

But it breaks immersion when flying in groups.

They already said that they did not test everything in the MP, that they would make these changes in future patches.
has the problem when someone else is with a helicopter and you with an airplane he flies with the engine stopped.
the more I know that they will solve this soon.
just have a little patience …

I’m not impatient just noting some issues that need to be adressed to make this heli even better then it already is. :wink:

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I hope I didn’t offend you, it was not the patience part for you directly.

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I’ve passed this one on for Dan’s consideration.