Outstanding work folks

I finally spent some Quality Time this morning with the '47, and I’m very impressed. Everything “feels” right, including autorotations (which is where FSX and P3D reeeeally fell down). Although I haven’t flown a real '47 (bucket list item!), I find that the Realistic mode to be almost unflyable, so I’m using Medium mode with the tail stability set to zero (otherwise the pedals don’t work the way I’d expect).

Thank you for making such an awesome heli model for MSFS! I will say, though, that if the real aircraft is really that underpowered, I sure didn’t know that before. With the Guv turned off, I can barely get off the ground if I keep things in the green (rotor rpm) and yellow (manifold pressure), at least at Davis-Monthan AFB, which is where I’ve been flying (2500 feet-ish MSL).

Question: I watched a few Youtube videos about starting up and taking off, and – do you model the engine warmup time? I have to admit that I haven’t been paying attention to that sort of thing so far. I just start 'er up and pull pitch fairly soon thereafter.

Question 2: can the carb heat be mapped to a control? I wasn’t able to figure it out.



Yep - The '47 is a hell of a lot easier to fly and very stable. They’ve missed the mark but people that have never flown helicopters will like it.

After lots of practice I’m finally able to fly the 47G reasonably well in realistic mode; the only change I’ve made is that I have engine damage turned off and engine governor on.

I’m using a thrustmeter warthog joystick & throttle, and thrustmeter pedals. The only downside is that due to no trim I’m having to maintain constant forward pressure on the joystick. If Flyinside ever do implement trim then having a trim indicator is going to be vital, especially when taking off after landing.

The biggest learning curves were taking off into a stable hover, holding a stable hover, and transitioning from forward flight into a stable hover.

It’s a lot of fun and demand full concentration when not in forward flight…

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We have implemented trim as per normal trim settings in game, perfect for your warthog as i use one also, but well worth getting an extension to it :slight_smile:



TonyF - thanks! Setting the trim to 0.0 in the external view and it now handles beautifully. I’m finding that I don’t need an extension; by just applying a little bit of pressure with barely moving the joystick I’m able to maintain a stable hover. For long flights just a tad of forward trim works… :smiley:

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Im sure “realistic” probably is in many ways, but as we dont have real world input (gravity, ge force, spatial awareness etc etc I find the easier levels feel more realistic to me as a non realworld flyer and translate better what I have felt being a passenger in light/heavy aircraft etc.

Its a difficult balancing act to achieve “realsim” given the constraints of the platform.

Perhaps a different terminology is needed to help those who enjoy “easy” or “medium” not feel so self consious about using those modes?

Any ideas what could replace them?

Mode: 1 2 and 3?

Red Green and Blue?

lets brainstorm! :slight_smile:

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Not crash, maybe crash and gonna crash ? :wink:


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