Overtorque at loading since last update

The title says it all: since last update (02/02/23), quite often, when I load the B206, with collective down and throttle at 0%, I get an overtorque failure as soon as I hit the “fly now” button, before any command input. It has never happened before.

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Are you on 2.12 now mate ? Still failing ?


Yes, 2.12. The issue appeared after updating, as a matter of fact.

In this screenshot, you can see the small rectangle in front of the pilot: it’s the over torque failure warning, popping up even before I had a chance to hit “ready to fly” button. There is a workaround I found, though: it seems to occur mostly on the initial load. Restarting the flight at the same spot seems to work.

Yes I found that happening also but I hadn’t started heli manager (oops lol), I’ll ask Dan to take a look.


I checked, the heli manager is started when it occurs. Strange.

Join our discord… I will have a beta patch to test out later today or early tomorrow. Has a few other feature fixes as well.


Fixed! thanks for the update!

What is the discord server?

Discord Great bunch there.