Pedal control with gamepad not working - B206

Hi there,

First off, amazing looking bird! I love the B206, one of my favorite aircraft!

Secondly, I have all my controls bound properly but the only thing not working is the pedals. Cyclic works, collective works, and I checked to make sure the controls I wanted were bound to the rudder axis like they are with the B47, which works just fine. And it’s not that they’re moving and not responding, they’re not moving OR responding.

I’d love to take this heli out for a spin but only when I can get it all working.

We’ve got a fix for this coming out later today!

can you please tell me briefly how you bound the controls of the gamepad? I am particularly interested in the collective, the throttle and the rudder axis (tail rotor). The cyclic on the right stick works well, but the collective with the also spring-centred left stick not so well. Also, trying to bind the collective and throttle to the 4-way switch is not a good idea, as I think the incr and decr commands work too roughly. Actually I fly with a very old PFT Evolution joystick and there the axis bindings work fine, but for a short flight to relax I would like to use the gamepad.
Many thanks and best regards

Here’s what I got for an XBOX controller:

A/B - Increase/Decrease Collective
Left stick - Cyclic
Right stick - Move camera
LT/RT - Pedals Left/Right
F2/F3 (Keyboard) - Decrease/Increase throttle (I use the governor on the FlyInside B47 as well so no need for manual throttle control)

I have them set up for very simple controls because it’s nice to just go up and fly sometimes and not worry too much about the realism.

Thank you very much! I will try this out at the weekend.