Pedals not responding

I can see the pedals moving in the cockpit of the helicopter. But it does not trigger a response in action. Does anyone know why?

get nearly the same,work only at slow speed,turns very slow now

Hi Alexander and welcome aboard.

Maybe check that you don’t have any “ghost mappings” to a rudder command(s) other than the one mapped to your pedals.

From the main MSFS forum, it would appear that the SU8 update process might have created unwanted mappings that are causing a similar problem for some users.



Yes but I am sad. Was hoping to fly the helicopter. I have checked if I something else is mapped to the pedals but what could possibly counteract the pedals so it has zero effect? Any tips? Is there a way to uninstall the helicopter and then reinstall? I bought it inside MSFS.

It wouldn’t be something else mapped to your physical pedals that would cause a problem. I’m fairly sure you can’t do that anyway.

It would be another one or more of your physical controls being mapped to one of the other MSFS rudder commands, that might be causing your issue. For example, if you have a twist grip on your joystick, then that might have been mapped to a rudder command/axis and this would effectively prevent your rudder pedals from moving far from the centre, with the twist grip constantly pulling it back there.

Hi Alex,

Please check that alll “Pilot Assists” are turned off, that is most likely the issue. Check out page 2 of our User Manual: