PFT Puma - Flight Model Settings?

Hi everyone,
Had an amazing…ly short first flight - I managed to map the collective axis in its reverse sense!
So my poor helicopter just leapt into the air unexpectedly at which point I completely lost control…LOL

However, I am pleased to report things got better in subsequent flights.

So I am curious about everyone’s flight model settings…
Despite the fact that I’m using a PFT Puma which has a long cyclic allowing for fine inputs, my ‘sweet spot’ in terms of the settings is as follows:
Cyclic sensitivity 65
Helicopter stability 30
Tail stability 0

I noticed that these values in realistic mode are something like 80/5/0…

Realistic mode is waaay to sensitive for me - is this because I’m a crap helicopter pilot or are others struggling when using the realistic settings?

Cheers and thank God I don’t have to pay for repairs!

Dan has a puma setup but he’s away for a bit…try medium settings for a while and get used to flying before bumping everything up :slight_smile:

But yes its blooming hard to get used too especially with “full” cyclic, you really want to think control inputs instead of big control throws.


Nice to read.
Exactly for this controller (PFT Puma) and similar ones, I think the “realistic model” was created - I am using it on from the start.

Up until a month ago I even increased the sensitivity of the cyclical control to make the grinder a little livelier - but now I use the exact settings from the “realistic model” (without governor, of course).

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