Places to land the Bell 47?

Can you kind people let me and others know where there is some good places to land the Bell? I am namely after Helipads modelled in 2020 to visit and as i am sure, so are others :slight_smile:


Downtown LA: Many rooftop helipad ( with photogrametry ON)

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Lots of them in Tokyo also!

Just don’t try the helipads on the cruise liners. It won’t end well. :wink:

I picked up this fantastic mod, well worth a look
Note it has a couple of dependencies.


I did a flight out of Crosland Moor (aka Huddersfield international airport) which is on the, and there is a giraffe and a grizzly bear on the field. Not sure how realistic it is for West Yorkshire wildlife, but it was good to practise my hovering skills having a close look at the giraffe. True story - I am honestly not on drugs, but there’s an amateur airport developer out there with a sense of humour.

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Lmao that’s so funny, I know up North has some strange quirks but…lol

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not sure about helipads…but this is from the MSFS forum.
MSFS Forum

MSFS Map of 3D Areas

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In the city where I live (Boston, MA US) I’ve landed at the two hospital rooftop pads that exist in real life, and various sports fields and stadiums. Open to car parks/garages are a favorite as well.

TNCS has a nice helipad, made a little challenging by the presence of a rather tall “lamp post”.

It’s just taken me around 25mins to get there from TNCM, mainly into the wind, and albeit probably not an ideal flight for this chopper, with most of it being over water, it was still quite enjoyable.

If you both takeoff and land at TNCS however, the little island does offer some flexibility for tours around the mountain that dominates its terrain.