Please change how to update

hi, i bought the heli couple days ago, since that time i had to download the more than 800 mb each time when there was a small update, that is really anoing, i understand that there comes bugs over time, and you want to solve them, but i am really disapointed, to always download the complete heli. right now i will download 1.94, and try it out, but for me is clear, i will not download every update, so i will maybe uninstall it and give it a new try in maybe half a year.

i think i am not the only one, who is thinking like that? Am I?

You must really hate it when MSFS updates! They are usually over a GB. Personally I have no problems downloading updates of any size that keeps the 206 running well.


Nope no problem doing this way for me. I just delete all the previous ones except the present version and the updated version.