Possible extra default view point

Love the helo, great challenge to fly well. Fine line between success and failure. the normal straight out view is fine for straight and level, but the sim also allows for a quick view “over the top of the glare shield” to allow for better view on landing. Any chance of mapping that view to a lower angle so the VSI is visible. trying to avoid the dreaded Vortex.
maybe something like this?


A few days ago I read of a possibility to a similar question in another forum: you can define “custom views” (with CTRL-ALT-number) and retrieve them quickly (with ALT-number). As number are valid the keys “0” to “9” above letter on the keyboard (and not on the numeric keypad). So move your view in the cockit with holding the right mouse button or zoom with the mouse wheel and then store the view with CRTL-ALT-number. Then you can quickly switch with ALT-number to your view (and with the same ALT-number back).

thanks very much for that info, I have made those custom views, then bound them to my joy stick buttons. now I can change to view the VSI by pressing my joy stick hat switch.

Welcome aboard Mike and it’s good to hear that you have that sorted.

Thanks for assisting @azzie .



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