Possible Radio Bug (COM 1)

Hi Folks,

I think there is a possible COM1 radio bug. I cannot figure out how to get com 1 working. I’ve tested msfs radio frequencies and I have also tested on Pilotedge. While connected to Pilotedge it shows me connected to 124.85 but in the cockpit I’m connected to 124.65 and switching frequencies has no effect.

If this is a bug, this means I can not fly on Pilotedge. I fly exclusively on PE :frowning: Hopefully can be fixed!

I’ve looked all over for a radio master or avioncs switch and cannot find. Can anyone confirm this ?

With that said, I really cannot get enough of this helicopter it’s so much fun and really enjoying.

Edit: Also, haven’t checked the tansponder but hopefully this is working too ?


Hi Robert,

We’ve definitely got a bug here, thank you for the report. We’ll get a fix out ASAP so you can start flying with this in PilotEdge.



You’re Awesome Dan! Thanks for responding.


Been looking into this and I think it’s related to the radio values not being exposed in the standard SimConnect variable but rather in custom LVARs

Can PIlotEdge be configured to use thse LVARs rather than the normal Simconnect Variables ?

That’s exactly what it is. Don’t worry about changing things on the PilotEdge end, we’re going to have a fix that syncs this all within a couple of weeks.

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Any chance you can also add an 8.33kHz mode for the radio ?

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I am patiently waiting for this. :slight_smile:

For myself, this will be the the most important update above all.