Pro Flight Trainer Setup

Hi, I have the Pro Flight Trainer.
Can you provided the setup settings in MSFS to work with the Pro Flight Trainer? such as the cyclic, collective, throttle, pedal settings?
Can you provide the setup settings in MSFS using the Pro Flight Trainer buttons, switches, hat switch for the various helicopter views?

Thank you.

Hi Christian and welcome aboard.

I will check, but I am not aware of anyone in the team that has a Pro Flight Trainer, so we will probably need to wait and see if anyone else is lucky enough to have one and is able to provide any guidance as to how it could be best set up.

In the meantime, if you have used your controllers in DCS, particularly for the Huey, then how you have the axes setup for that might be a good place to start for the Bell 47G.

I’m flying with a PFT Puma.
I have the MSFS settings and assignments set as the Heli Manager instructs.
for the flight model settings:

  • realistic checked
  • governor checked
  • 95% cyclic sensitivity
  • 20% helicopter stability
  • 0% tail stability

Not jealous, nope not at all…now where is that ban button ? :wink:


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The PFT is a great rig for that next step up in Heli Sim realism. It’s a bang for the buck great option.
Mine has been rock solid for 6 years now. Was originally a Black Lynx that I upgraded to the Puma (latest) with toe brakes…and I’ve added dampers to the pedals & collective.

I’m jealous of the folks who have the Virpil, VKB & Komodo kit…

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Hi, I agree the Virpil and the Komodo is Amazing.

The feed back is amazing including the feedback from TonyF.

I have tried several times to setup my Puma and have found MSFS has an exorbitant amount of settings to choose from.

As everyone knows the switches, buttons, hatswitch are straightforward on the Puma.

The problem is the exorbitant amount of settings choices in MSFS requires someone with knowledge to program all of the views including assigning the switches, the buttons, the cyclic, the collective, the throttle, the pedals.

Everyone who just recently provided Controls setups has been with Gaming joysticks and Gaming Throttles for helicopters!!! I think this is ok for using MSFS Helicopters setup as Arcades Games.

Thank you Belatu42 for sharing you settings Puma Flight Settings