Put your feet on the anti-torque pedals

I intend to buy this Bell-47 soon, I see that they have already started making updates, which is a good sign. For my part, I suggest you make a correction on the feet of the crew, placing them (the pilot on the pedals) and the passenger on the floor of the aircraft, this will give a more professional aspect and will not look like a game addon, but as a simulator. flight. Other aspects may come with time, as the machine was born beautiful …

The crew are in game avatars from msfs2020 which can be removed easily enough.


But there is no body there when in flight.

In VR there is a disconnect because we dont see hands or legs

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You may have seen from FlyInside’s history, that they are very keen on VR and you can trust that the team are working hard to get their own pilot models into the helicopter for a future update.

Mr Tony, I understand, but I don’t want to remove the crew, to have the helicopter flying without anyone inside it, but I’m referring to the pilot’s feet off the pedals, and the passenger on the floor, giving the impression that it is a “simple game” , not a flight simulator. In addition, the project is rated 10, and it looks like it will improve a lot …

If I’m understanding it correctly, the issue was that, without some coding, MSFS wouldn’t allow the FI pilot figure without also drawing the MS ones.

That made it look like the MSFS pilot had a second head coming out of their chest and 3-4 arms.

Given other priorities, it was decided that no pilot would be better than having it look like Zaphod Beeblebrox was flying the helicopter.

Rest assured, it is on the list for being added