Question regarding high manifold pressure at low RPM

Hi Team :slight_smile:

If the rotor rpm is getting bogged down to well below it’s safe limit, is it normal that the manifold pressure (vacuum) goes beyond the maximum safe limit, with a wide open throttle and the engine laboring at low engine RPM? Wouldn’t the MP normally drop a bit further (after a sweet spot) if the throttle opens too far while fuel is not getting burnt as effectively?

Sorry if I’m sounding picky and I do appreciate the heli is in very early stages :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure if the way it is was meant to be considered accurate or if it’s a temporary “something” to get pilots started, that offers some realism.

Hi @dogmanbird

I’m not a RL pilot, but i understand that in a Bell 47G, if you try and recover your RPM, when it is below limits, by simply cranking the throttle to max, the MP will climb dramatically and your engine will eventually fail.