Quick video of the B47

Just playing around with it and checking out the mixture control effects. This is what I like, right after start you can lower the mixture to give you even more realism like the actual B47.
Check it out here in the video. Recorded in 4K but it’s still only at 1080p until they finish the final rendering but it’s good for now. If you want,… click on the youtube button in the bottom right hand corner of this video to see it in original format on youtube for an even better experience!.



Thanks for sharing, loved watching that :slight_smile:


Hey no problem Tony! I enjoyed making it. I’m going to make a better video though as this was just a test using the mixture control for RPM effects. It’s cool because if you get the mix in just the right spot the engine will continue to run but the blades won’t move at all. I hope they leave it like it is in any future updates as well.


We shall do our best to leave it as you like it mate lol


Would it be possible to implement a throttle on the collective? (twist grip)? instead of using the mixture for throttle response?

Oh by the way… she auto-rotates pretty darn good!. Not bad. Video coming.

There is a throttle on the twist grip :slight_smile:


OK i see it now. it doesn’t work with the pointer and is inop. F keys move it but I’m not seeing any effect with it.


MSFS Throttle = Helicopter Collective - How much the helicopter wants to climb
MSFS Propeller Position = Helicopter Throttle - Only used by people with a full twist-grip controller.

I use a collective with twist throttle but you can set it up to use keys or a spare axis using “propeller axis” make sure governor is “off” to enable the twist throttle.


Ahhh OK. Well I only have a separate throttle and joystick. No pedals. I’ll look into it more.

For now though, here ya go.


A very nice video and an excellent flight.

I really do need to go practise some more. :slight_smile:

Thanks Hawk I appreciate it but as you all know there are way better video’s then this one. I’m currently working on some new sounds but only for me. Not that your sounds are lacking cause their not by any means but rather I’ve always tried to make actual sounds for the aircraft at hand. Just something I like doing along with repainting.

Some of my repaints for FSX and P3D:

I didn’t see anywhere on here but where can I get a paintkit for this bird??


It was your skill on the auto-rotation landings that impressed me the most, as that is something i have yet to master. I can do it, just not every time and not as smoothly as you do. :slight_smile:

Well that’s because someone out there figured out how to actually allow that to happen as in a model to allow auto’s such as this one… Anyone can do it but you should of seen my skills trying other helis that won’t allow it per say or not modeled correctly to give you actual increase in blade speed as you fall… whew! those were a trip and ended up just a smoking hole in the ground. So when I tried that the very first time on this model I was really happy. The only other one I used to fly that allowed auto’s really nice was the DoDoSim 206.

On this model… If the governor would work separate from the actual throttle then I would use the collective throttle and leave the mixture knob alone and set in it’s normal position cause I know its funny looking to see me using the mix for throttle lol but it works. The auto’s are not really that tough as long as you have a place to set it down. That second auto was a bit scary cause I almost ran out of room so had to set it down more vertical. Thats the hardest thing, getting the forward speed, the descent rate and the blade speed to match somewhat and then applying the right pitch at the right time for a more vertical auto.

Thanks again for your comment.


Very impressive. It was nice to put my headphones on and to be taken on a wonderful ride. So nice to see how smoothly it can be flown, I still have some way to go before I achieve this but I’m getting there.

Thank You Malcolm, much appreciated. I do cheat a bit though lol My control settings are custom using the sensitivity popup thingy for the flight controls. I have some stability set and i think my tail rotor is around 50 or so. I have a twist grip joystick so my rudder/tail rotor is on this axis and it just won’t handle putting the setting on expert or realistic with these controls I have. I do have another joystick and separate throttle but they set is only used for DCS and the combat jets.

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Yes, if you have a twist grip HOTAS you can use it to control the throttle just like the real bird but if you have any tension on your stick it can become quite a challenge.
And for people that don’t have a twist grip the default is just to regulate the throttle as close to 100% as possible.