Re: Activation code not recognised


I just purchased the BELL 206 for MSFS2020. UK£31.95 and received the email with my activation code. Installed the product (I still have the HeliManager installed because I also own the Bell47G2) and upon running the Simulator, was asked to run the HeliManager - even though it actually WAS running!

So I shut down the HeliManager and ran it again and was prompted to insert my activation code to activate the Bell 206 product.

Straight away, upon entering the code, it was not recognised! Tried everything from a full PC restart, to removing the dashes, but no change.

So far no response from Support email.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

kind regards,

Lee James

West Sussex UK

I would first try a reinstall of the 206. Make sure helimanager is closed out and it gets reinstalled.

If that doesnt work, please send your email address you purchased with to and they will get you straightened out ASAP.




Thanks for the reply. It is all sorted out now. I got an email from Dan with a new code that worked. So far, I have managed to fly a circuit around Santorini Airport in Greece (a scenery I will be reviewing) and managed to shut down and start the 206 up again - and hover a little !

Is there a way to start a flight from the MSFS menu with the 206 shutdown ? It would be nice to get into thr habit of starting her up before a flight and shutting down again ?

So that’s the 206 sorted.

Now I’m trying to find out why I cannot start the default Bell 407 ! For some reason now, I get to the point where the rotors never get to flight speed. Following the checklist, I still cannot start her up. I used to be able to. Don’t understand why it won’t start. If I want to fly her, I have to spawn onto a runway. That way the engine is running and ready for flight.

Anyway, thanks for the help.

All the best,


Glad it’s all good now! To begin cold and dark, just select a parking spot or ramp instead of a runway in the MSFS World dialog. You’ll be placed into the flight and have to follow the procedures to get it all going and ready for flight. Beware the Hot starts!