Recent update - RPM overspeed failure question

Hi FI team,

The recent update has made the MP / RPM balance characteristics nicer, thanks. I don’t pilot a full size heli, but it’s now much more like what I’d have guessed it would be like.

I still haven’t been able to destroy myself / experience failure of any kind by over speeding the rotors. I can keep them at 35-40 endlessly (failures on), but is now not over speeding as easily.

How long can I expect to be able to over speed, as well as how far over, and is failure at random?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add, although your update document only mentions a couple of things fixed;

The heli no longer wants to lift into the air as abruptly as last version, which gives more time to feel what’s happening before lifting off the skids

The heli is notably easier to hover on the spot close to ground while the RPM is within safe limits. Prior versions were harder to hover within rpm limit and became easier when over or under the safe limits

^ This is in full realism, no gov and failures on. Thanks for tweaking these things :+1:

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Hi @dogmanbird

As it stands the RPM overspeed has only been modelled for when you are in flight. Maybe try getting the RPM above the red when off the ground and see what happens. Apparently, a powered descent is a situation where there would be a greater risk of overspeeding the rotor, so maybe give that a try.

If you try this and you are flying in VR, I hope you don’t suffer too badly from VR sickness. :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi Paul, it is in flight that I’m referring to. There is still no failure of any kind so far. I’ve done a few long high speed descents wound the rpm needle right round the dial.

over MP is causing failure as expected

I’ve reinstalled the update a couple of times just in case. restarted sim, PC etc.

To test it out, i had disabled engine failures, to stop the high manifold pressure from killing the engine before the high revs did their damage.

In a shallowish descent, with the governor off and the manifold pressure within the green, the high revs eventually led to a nose up quickly followed by what is best described as a “death dive”.

i’ll give it another try.



Well it still does it for me, even with Engine Failures on, in a shallow descent, with the governor off and RPM above the green zone, the revs suddenly go to the max and the helo goes nose up, before diving into the ground.

I even absentmindedly did it in multiplayer, with quite a few others potentially watching, which would have been really embarrassing if I gave a damn. :slight_smile:

As for why you’re not getting the same behaviour, I’m afraid I don’t know, but i will see if Dan has any ideas. In the meantime though, if you haven’t already, maybe you could eliminate the chances that it is being caused by another mod, by moving as many as you can, preferably all, from the Community folder and try again. It’d be a surprise if this was the cause, but still worth checking.



Thanks for testing. Yep, I’ll remove the only other mod tomorrow which is the 145 heli and let you know. It has been empty except for your 47g for about a month, and I only added the 145 back as I updated the 47g to test them both.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I’ve removed the 135 (sorry not 145) and tested, but still without any rpm failure. I have also reinstalled the 47g after removing the 135 - same result.

For me, the only failures so far are over MP (engine cut out) and exceeding max airspeed ( I literally fall out of the sky with engine still running and rotors spinning), but over rpm alone can be maintained endlessly.

Thanks Paul.

Do you see the overspeed message on the radio display?

No I don’t. Just tested again to double check.

Do I need to have the radio set to anything specific to see it? I haven’t touched it at all.

Not that i know of, as I don’t often touch the radio at all, but I definitely see the message when I overspeed the rotors. That might be another clue thanks.


I’ve just realised the message does appear while I’m on the ground with collective down and the rpm at 40 or above. It turns off as soon as I drop back to 35, but in the air I can hit 40 for several seconds and no message so far.