Recommend Tutorials?

Hi everybody! I have just started learning to fly the beautiful Bell 47G. I am getting better at hovering, currently on the medium setting. Now I would like to learn more about taxi, departure, approach and landing in a helicopter, primarily for back country flying from small airfields. What are the differences to flying a fixed wing propeller plane like a Piper Cub? Can anybody point me to some good tutorials that go beyond hovering?

Okay, after a bit of searching I might answer my own question, maybe it will help others. Sim Rotor Pilot has a nice series of tutorials on YouTube, not with the Bell 47G, but I was able to learn a lot from them: Effects of Controls | Lesson 1 | Learn to Fly Helicopters | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 |How to - YouTube

Hi Volker and welcome aboard.

I am sorry that nobody got back to you. I had done a similar search of Youtube and not come up with any that seemed appropriate to your needs. We’ll have to see if some willing members of the team can produce something that might fill that gap.

In the meantime, maybe check out RotorRick - Twitch , as Rick is currently doing a live stream that might be of interest.



Thank you Paul! Although Sim Rotor Pilots’ tutorial series uses the freeware H135, it covers everything I was looking for. Highly recommended! I think he is mentioned as one of the testers for the Bell 47G as well. The H135 is easier to handle, but I am really enjoying getting better in the Bell :smiley: Spent the afternoon training around Fort Rucker in the Army livery, amazing!

Nice one Volker.

I’m waiting patiently for Chris, aka @LincolnSixE , to get his MASH camp done and I’ll be in my element.



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Re Tutorials

I found this helpful but also enjoy Rotor Sim Pilot and Ben.

The guy’s name is Maximilian Hirn on Udemy.


Thank you James, that looks really interesting :grinning:

Hello, fellow simmers. If you are willing to read some text-based materials for training, I wound like to suggest Helicopter Flight Training Manual form Transport of Canada.
Strictly speaking, it is not a tutorial, but a step-by-step trainging manual and includes guidelines for the training exercises. I am not a real pilot, and his manual helps me to sharpen my flight skill. I hope this manual could help you as well.

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