Repaints in 1.8?

so not one off my repaints i make for the older version show up now,why change the folder path for the non float version?
i have to redo all paints again?
i think i will remove all from then.

i like the new float,but i can not do all paints again,sorry.

wat do i need to change that the paints show up?
work the old at the standart version,or must redo?


it look like the folder names and other in cfg has change,so i do knot know.
i have disable my paints now,i do not change every repaint again.
if one upload a working repaint i maybee have a look how to do.
to bad,that every update mess up my work again.
so i hope some one will do new paints for this one.
i try to ad my paints in the original folder now,for test if the textures work.
so if they work,feel free to use them if you can ad them this way.

i copy one paint in the black one,look like this now

so the old paint from paneldoom and other need to redo?
i realy do not like the white one,so please were is it now,so i can change this?

i like the Float Version a lot :+1:

i get one inside the b47 folder,that show up,but i can not get it to work in a folder outside now,so i can not upload at

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Glad you got it working, looks great! I would recommend making your texture folder inside the floats folder like you originally wanted, but have a texture.cfg which references a base folder inside the main b47 folder (similar to what our other floats liveries do). Let me know if that doesn’t work for you and I’ll try to figure out why.

i do it same as your folder,it work for float and standart.
but to upload at i need folder outside,and all the old folder and paths are change again,so even the old standart repaints do not work now.
so why are they change,if you use the same as in old version and ad only the float version,all old repaints will work.ot need only a smal fix.
i have over 20 paints ready,all messed up again,so i will not redo them,and next update i start again. the most painters have stop at this heli,all repaints at stop working now,only because or rename folders and paths,so why?
i can not build a folder outside wat work,waste over 5 h now,i can´t get it work.
so i am sorry for all wat want them again…
so nice to have floats now,very bad to lost all other nice paints.

so if you want to help,can you give me a folder wat work outside for my repaints? i can not upload the paints and let the user ad them to the b47 aircraft folder. if not all my work i have upload at is lost for other…

thank´s Ralf

thats why no old repaint show up wat was at,and i have ready to upload;
folders old ;C:\FS2020\Community\flyinside-bell47\SimObjects\Airplanes\bell 47
folders 1.8 now; C:\FS2020\Community\flyinside-b47\SimObjects\Airplanes\b47
and there was also a change at the texture from paneldome,easy fix,but need to do for all,if i get a working mod again.
so i am not happy to lost all.

this one work now as mod,but i get it only for the standart,so floads does not work,has to change the texture cfg. and other to get it,because your changes.

have try all to ad also the floats,but get no textures,model load…

so help were nice?
i have to redo all again even for the standart 47 to get them back.
then next update mess up all again?
so i do not make new repaints!
and will only update a few,if someone want per request…
for floats only the paints i have now,if there is a way to ad them as mod.

Hey Dan,
were is this this in red at the textures?

so there is one i get working for test,i can not do for floats,only work if i ad inside b47 folder. were nice if someone will test of the paint work?

if so i will only fix other per request,because i have to fix every Paint because changes in Folder path and some also need fixes in textures now.
so if i get a mod wat work for Floats i try.
ad also this for test

so i hope they work :smiley:

Hi Dan,
so can you help me to find the parts i show in a pic,so i can fix?
also were nice to find a way for floads version to ad in a mod?
so i can upload to…
if it is not posible i only can upload for standart version.
thank´s Ralf

Hi Ralf,

I’ll need to track down those parts and get back to you on it. For floats, you should create the texture.YourLivery folder in the “b47 floats” folder, make sure it has a texture.cfg like the other floats liveries (you can copy paste one from “b47 floats/” as a starting point) that references back to a base non-floats livery, and add to the aircraft.cfg in the floats folder.

I may not be understanding the issue properly, so let me know if that doesn’t help.


Hi Dan,
inside your b47 folder i have my repaints for float work.
problem is to create a mod wat work for the fload version i want for this

and maybe other in future

this is wat i have for this in your b47 floats folder,and it work.

but i can´t get it in my mod?
cheers Ralf

Hi Dan,
i still wait for a way to ad liverys via Mod for Floats,i have try wat i can.
i only get it work for ski version,i have 20 liverys i can upload,but i need a way as mod.
also all liverys from do not work now,only the ones i have fix.
as every update mess this up.i think the most repainters give up at this one.
this is my last try to do it for this Heli,and also i think i stay away from future Helis if this do not change…if you need a betatester for this,i can do?
i am also a betatester at other planes,i am retired and have time.
if a tester have a look at old livererys before release,it is very easy to fix,but now it is release and all liverys are mess up.i never use the standart paints.
my engish is not the best,so if there is a missunderstanding,please ask,i do not want to upset!!! i like this Heli a lot,and i am open to help.
it were nice to get this fixed,also for other they like the new Floats.

Thanks Ralf

nearly finish,but still no working Mod for
so were happy if someone can help here?