Request - Way too much anti-torque pedal in forward flight

Hopefully you can work on this… Perhaps it is an MSFS limitation but torque pedal should be about 1/2 of what is required now in cruise…

Okay I just downloaded the new version - Much better! Feeling good - Now I have to figure out why my mixture cuts off during cruise… :\

Hi Warren and welcome aboard.

For your mysterious mixture cutting off issue, I’d probably start with checking for ghost control mappings, for anything relating to “mixture”. MSFS does not normally synchronise the virtual controls with your physical controls at startup, but these controls can be synchronised by going to the ESC menu and then resuming or by even just slightly touching the control in question.

Therefore if you have a physical axis set to control the mixture, for example, and that axis is set to full lean, a runway start will see the engine working perfectly well until you either return from the esc menu, touch the controller or the controller generates a bit of noise that makes MSFS think that it has been touched.



Thanks Paul… I looked and that hasn’t been the case, and it only does it on the Bell…

Hoping it will be fine after a restart… :wink: