Retreating Blade Stall rolls the wrong way

This is a counter-clockwise rotating helicopter, which puts the retreating side on the left. When the retreating side stalls we should start rolling to the left, but instead we roll very decidedly to the right.

Also, because of phase lag there should also be some amount of uncommanded pitch up, and I did not notice any.

Are these known issues?


In terms of RBS, I’ll look into that and get back to you. We may well have a sign backwards in that equation.

The uncommanded pitch-up should definitely be there already, if you’re in forward flight and release your stick, the heli should pitch up. I’ll double check that, but I believe it’s in already.

Thanks Dan! I’ll try it again and look for the pitch up. I might have been holding the nose down with the cyclic.

You definitely need to. I know because my hand gets tired on a spring-loaded cyclic on longer test-flights.