Rotor disc is gone since 2.66

Hi everyone.
I’d like to say first i’m loving the update. The lightness on the skids with torque turning on the spot is great with the skids scraping the asphalt! A nice touch. Also loving the overall stability and lack of exaggerated twitches on pick up. The power now is very much limited and much more careful handling is required which is a lot closer to what I’ve seen in videos of 47s’ along with the manifold pressure relationship to RPM being better modeled than before.

So the problem I am having is that the rotors aren’t visible. I can see the gyro bar engine running or stopped but no rotors. When flying toward a light source I can see the shadows of where they should be, but have no tip path plane. This started following upgrade to 2.66.
One other issue, but relates to FSUIPC is I’m struggling to get the throttle configured. I am using a 206 set up at the moment (hopefully not for much longer as my 47 sim is almost finished) and the throttle has a very short travel. Previously I have been able to set it up to magnify the area used for the pot giving more control. Now as we switched away from the prop pitch 1 axis I’m not sure what I need to do.Any suggestions welcome.


So I was having a bit of a senior moment re FSUIPC. That’s sorted now. Following a few flights in the 47, I can see that the rotors are visible prior to engine start. They then disappear as RPM increases. The tip path plane is visible during my most recent flights. On shut down the rotor hub is clearly visible with no rotors attached. Once all rotation has stopped the head is rotorless for approx five seconds before reappearing. I know its being picky, but I like to sit at the controls until the rotors come to a stop. Being able to see them at slower rpm would be nice.

Okay. So I found an odd connection on my last flight. My collective (which I have calibrated) has more physical travel than the in sim one. I can see that the one in the cockpit doesn’t move until i’ve past about 10-15 degrees of raise. After that the real and simulated behave the same. If the rotors start turning and I have already moved a physical control with the collective in the low pitch (below 10-15 degrees) the rotors vanish. Once operating RPM is reached and I start pulling pitch above the 10-15 everything is as it should be. Likewise on shut down. As I noted in the previous posts the rotors are not visible until approx 5 seconds after they have stopped. This is also influenced by the collective position. If it’s in the low pitch they are invisible. However if I increase the collective above the zone mentioned they reappear.
I have no idea why this started after 2.66.
I think we can call it a dead topic unless flyinside have any interest in investigating.
Cheers :smile: