Rudder trim not working

Hello, I bought and installed the 47G via the ingame store. After trial and error I could manage to get the aileron and pitch trim to work. But whatever I tried the rudder trim doesn’t work at all. The problem is, that the 47G is not flyable without trimming the rudder since it is painful to my wrist to twist the stick forever.

So I was checking if the store got the latest update available but I could not find any notice about the version of the installed files on my harddrive. I decided to uninstall the store version and installed the version from your website just to make sure I got the latest version. After the installation was done I would have to enter a key now. I checked my emails but it seems that I never got a key from you. So I started the flight anyway but the only thing that happened was that my preferences was reset to standard. Unbelievable.

You are asking to be polite, but it is polite how you handle your stuff? You should think about. It isn’t polite at all to build a heli for a sim without trim function. It is no secret that most of the people use sticks instead of hydraulic pedals that keeps position.

But anyway, how to proceed now?
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Hi DaEddie,

The Marketplace and website versions are separate in terms of licensing and purchasing. If you purchase via Marketplace you won’t receive a website key and vice versa (marketplace version doesn’t use product keys at all, just install via Marketplace). If you ended up purchasing both and would like a refund (or product key) on the website versions shoot an email to

In terms of features both versions are identical. Unfortunately that means that rudder trim works in neither :wink: Its strange we haven’t had requests for rudder trim support before but the request makes a lot of sense. We’ll try to get that into the next version so that you can trim out the twist which I can understand being annoying.

In the meantime you could turn up tail stability a bit from the flight model settings, but I know that’s not an ideal solution due to the less realistic handling during takeoff and landing.


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Hi Dan,

thanks for your answer. You should really mention the fact, that this heli is not flyable without pedals. It’s not just annoying but in fact it is painful to your wrist. Of course if you just fly for 5 minutes it’s not a big problem but if you fly for sightseeing this is not possible for an hour or two.

You call a price of 35 EUR and within this price category I can expect a product that I can use more than 5 minutes without getting damage to my body. I would suggest you mention the situation within the product description in big letters to keep your customers informed before they spend their money. I am retired and for me 35 EUR is important money especially if my money is gone and I cannot use what I bought.

Sorry for being direct but this is the truth.

Kind regards

It is the main reason why I bought pedals (Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder). I also had the wrist problem, and also while doing that you cannot make fine movements for pitch and roll if at the same time struggling with strenght for the yaw. But with the TPR I really like it a lot! And of course it is more realistic too.

Thank you for your answer and you are definitly right. Unfortunately I got more than 10 surgeries on my spine and I cannot feel my feet anymore. I’ve learned to walk again very well and for the normal living everything is fine but I don’t have enough feeling anymore to control fine movement. I play the drums and playing for fun is okay, but the bass drum is not in time anymore. Not much but enough that you can hear there is something wrong.

Anyway, I hope that one day there is a way to trim the rudder. Maybe I will try to program it by myself. I did much programming in flight simulation years ago but since there was only little time left after getting my health probs I gave up the flight sim at all.

Since some weeks I started to enjoy flight simming again. Enough said I wish everyone a merry christmas. Enjoy your holidays and forget about all the troubles we have at least for the holidays.

Happy landings and kind regards

How did you manage to get the pitch trim to work? I can’t…
Rene Feijen