Saitek Radio Panel and Bell 47

Having Bell 47 with MSFS and Saitek Flight Switch and Radio panels.

All works well except:

  • Alternator switch doesn’t work (on the Saitek Switch panel)
  • Radio tune button (on Radio Panel) doesn’t set frequencies on Bell 47’s radio.

Other buttons (i.e. battery, lights, etc.), and transponder setting work well with these panels and this helicopter.

Could you please advise what to do to make it operational? Or, are you planning any update or fix of these features?

Otherwise, thank you for the great simulation of Bell 47 inside MSFS 2020. Great experience!

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Hi Petr and welcome aboard.

Are you using the default configuration for the controllers or have you tried to add the mappings for the ALT switch and Radio Tune button yourself?

Either way, what MSFS commands are the physical controls in question currently mapped to?



Hello Paul,
thanks for the reply. The Saitek Radio panels cannot be mapped inside MSFS, they are not visible in HW mapping settings. Its driver maps it automatically to proper commands. It works for any other plane, just with Bell 47 mentioned functions don’t work. Other buttons and knobs work well. So I think it has to be something in Bell 47 software or setting.


Hi again,
and I’ve just updated to the newest version of the Bell 47 and everything is ok, all mentioned issues are fixed and work like a charm. Excellent!

Thank you.


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That’s good to hear Petr and it’s also good to hear that you are enjoying flying the B47G.