Set Altimeter pressure to correct altitude with 'b' key

I found that the normal, set altimeter with ‘b’ key not working on the Bell. Is there a way I could fix this? Every time I got pressure settings from ATC I try press ‘b’ but nothing change.
Would be nice to have this feature, because the altimeter gauge is difficult too read in flight and the pressure values are very tiny.

What I do is to look up the airfield altitude using littlenavmap (one of the best free addons for flight sim pilots) and set the altimeter to match that.

When I flew “for real” I did the same thing and then compared the shown pressure reading on the altimeter with that given by ATC as an altimeter check. I’d then set the altimeter to the pressure reading given by ATC. Sometimes they would differ by a few millibars as ATC were using an area pressure setting, and that’s fine.

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The fix for this would be to set the Altimeter(QNH) knob to use standard MSFS bindings(Increase, decrease). I fly in VR using PE and use Rotary knobs to set QNH and other instruments. I have not found a binding that allows for this in the Bell 47. If someone knows the binding for this please let me know.

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