Shoe polish on bubble

To cut sunglare and reduce cabin heat some operators coated the top of the bubble with white shoe polish. Is there any way to model this feature?


That’s neat, we weren’t aware of that! I’m not sure if we’ll be able to model that but will take a look. At-least the sun in MSFS isn’t as bad as in real life :wink:


If you inspect the last pic closely you’ll see the actual layers from the inside. This cut down glare and a bit of heat as well.

Can’t find this style anymore…


It’s interesting that the examples above were done with shoe polish. With this example in Australia I thought it was more done with either paint or even some light, white-painted alloy conforming over the top of the bubble. I don’t know if this was done with filming in mind or whether it was more to do with Australia’s warmer climate, but if this was done with tennis shoe polish like the ones above, I dread to think how many bottles they went through…