Skippy HQ- Waratah Park now available

For anyone wanting to relive their childhood, I have just uploaded to my version of the Waratah National Park HQ for Skippy buffs. Sorry, no Kangaroo shown, I cant make animals


pending file checks by the administrators.

so how to find?
free ware gps help,it get the code :+1:

but,for me it does not work…


OK, interesting as I put in a vegetation exclude polygon. Not sure why that would happen.

i do not know,
i get the feeling the sim not work same for everyone.
if it work for other,all good…most airports work for me,only at 3 now i get this.
a reinstall from sim did not fix it.i try when i get this at the first,so i leave it as is…

get it i think,
devmode on cause this,not know why…

I am about to upload an update, which puts the landing area as a taxiway, so hopefully that will also keep down the grass! glad you finally figured out what was doing it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2022.10.05 -

It appears okay, but your screenshots on have the area paved. Am I missing a texture package?

Also, the airport appears for me in the search, but as a seaplane base.

(Apologies for the colouration of the pic, the perils of having a new HDR monitor and being in a rush to post and get out the door this morning).

I did an update of it and reposted it with the tarmac done instead of grass, just remove the old one and download it again- should work.

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Thanks mate. Really great job. Thanks heaps for building this.

no worries. I learnt a lot doing it

How long do updates usually take to appear on It’s still saying it’s the original file upload.

OK, seems the pictures have changed, but not the base file. I will try again

just updated the original zip file again. try now.

That worked nicely. That is a fantastic piece of work. I feel like my eight-year-old self in front of the old Hitachi TV of an afternoon after school.

great to hear. just need the music at the end to shut down the helicopter

or you could just do what we all did, drill a hole in the centre of your wooden ruler and spun it on your pencil tip

I have the DVDs. That’s a distinct possibility.