Sliding around the ground

Do I have something set wrong. If there is any wind or slope the heli will slide around the ground as if on wheels as soon as any collective is pulled. If you try to counter act with cyclic it will pitch or roll out of control as soon as you leave the ground. I have the 47 as well as the other 206 none of them act this way.

This was posted by Rick on Discord in response to me pestering him about the same issue:

If you scroll up and read older messages you will see the behavior on slopes is related to a generic terrain bug in MSFS. We have notified the them through the dev contact with no response. If we have to, we have some code that will bypass that as well and let us use our own. We are hoping, since it affects every aircraft, that they will fix it!

No matter how frustrating this is… imagine it from our side…trying to fix a problem with their code without access to them and with very little or no communication of any kind! Maddening!

So yea. Apparently this is due to a bug on the Asobo side and will hopefully actually get resolved at some point.