Slow Download Speeds for B206

Hello. Not sure if this is unique to the B206 product but I have always found the download speed of updates to be exceptionally slow. Like an hour to download the 206 for an update when other downloads of similar sizes take minutes for me. Not sure if problem my side or is this normal for this product?

Takes me under 2 minutes for a d/l. We use CDN networking, so it’s on multiple servers worldwide. Perhaps you have an ISP issue??


I am having a similar issue with the actual update B206 V2.28 - downloaded the V2.24 just shortly with decent downloadrate in about 5 Minutes. With the 2.28 Update I start of fine with an estimate of about 5 mins, then the download rate seems to get throttled down and I get a ‘Network error’ response and the download fails.

Perhaps it helps you track an issue. I am located in Germany, Hamburg. Never experienced this kind of error since we got fiber optic cable internet connection in 2012.

Best Regards.

I just have taken delivery of new computer, so had to download both the bell 47 and the 206. the 47 downloaded as normal, and the 206 was downloading at mere kilobits/sec. I was able to download other stuff at the same time. speed checking the internet connection showed 40mb/sec at the time. Not sure what the issue is, but seems that I am not the only one. Maybe we are having to download from a certain server?? I am in rural australia.

Same. Still have this problem. It’s not my Internet or PC specs because I’m able to download other files of similar sizes within minutes, no issue. Only when it comes to this product does the download speed screech to an almost halt. Like I’m being throttled.

Update on my side, today I had a technician visit from my ISP. He could troubleshoot my latency issues. I used a tool PingPlotter and I saw a pretty bad jump in latency in between network hops:

At last my connection is now stable and I could download the liveries and update v2.28 now in just a few minutes.

I think my issue added up to the latency we see in the plot so I could not overcome the bottleneck created in hops 7&8

Best Regards.