So I crashed again!

I love to fly the Bell 47. It is my favourite aircraft followed by the Gotgravel Carbon Cub and the Vertigo. It really takes skills to get this little bee to do what you want. That’s what I like in MSFS. Learning and practising.
But there is one thing that appears a little unreal to me. Whenever I’m landing the Bell 47 a little too hard - which happens quite often :wink: - I instantly crash. Beginners must have crashed hundreds of these helicopters while learning to land the Bell 47. Is that behaviour realistic or is it a MSFS thing?

I believe it is something in relation to the sensitivity of the new simulator and in my case at least, adaptation to the aircraft. I had several landings where I felt this “excessive force”, including having to disable the MSFS crash option in order to continue. However after tweaking my control sensitivity issues and training a little more, I have been able to land with the expected smoothness.

That’s what my wife says. Go on and practice! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I suspect beginners in real life had an instructor pilot sitting next to them :wink: