Some features for more immersion


first off, I’ve been really enjoying your helicopter.
There are just some things that would add a lot off immersion.

  • Openable doors - I know you can already remove them, but i think it would be great if you could open them by clicking on the handel.

  • Wing flex - or rather blade flex. It just looks a little bit odd when the helicopter is turned off and the blades are stiff as a board

  • Sliding windows - on the Bell 47 you can see there are windows in the upper part of the doors, they don’t need to be operable, it just would be nice to see them on the 3d model.

These things are obviusly not important featues. Just would be nice to have them :smile:

Yes to be able to open the doors, got to let that fresh air in :slight_smile:

Ermmm… the Bell 47 has solid blades, since the late 60’s I think metal blades became standard across the board because the high inertia factor was a good stability factor. OK, without a rotor brake it took ages for the rotors to stop spinning, but as I recall, there was almost no really noticeable flex in the rotors. The only thing was when a blade was secured with a strap at the rear end of the tailboom, then the blades tilted.

The older 47’s were wooden, so yes - the MASH era cabs did have some droop. We didn’t really get droopy blades in the brit army until the Gazelle came along with its GRP blades - and by then we wanted the rigid bladed “starflex” rotor head.

If you search bell 47 images on google, you will see that a few early model rotors did have flex, but otherwise there is hardly any, so it would not be worth the effort to add less than 5 to 7 cm of flex on static rotors. Even when using the tie down tapes, it was hard to really pull the blades enough to flex. Beside - those straps were onl there to keep the blades in a fore and aft position.