Starting a flight "in the air"

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Sometimes, starting a flight from some helipads, makes the flight starting in the sky.

If the altitude is a bit low, it’s hard to be safe, until rotor is ok. Would it be possible to have a possibility , in this case, to load a 100% ready helicopter ?


Hello again Oliver,

The devs can certainly take a look at that and add it to the Road Map that I linked earlier.

In the meantime however, you might want to make use of the navigation log screen, when planning your flight, to amend the starting altitude either upwards or downwards, to make entry into the sim a little less risky.




It would be nice to see that point in the Road Map.
However, I don’t know how change the starting altitude (to get one less risky) :flushed:

The textbox where is shown the altitude (like -In Flight- 328 Ft) can’t be modified. So … Did I missed something ?


Hi Oliver,

It would appear that changing the altitude may not be of much use to solve your particular problem, as it does not appear that it will allow a starting altitude of anything lower than 1,500ft.

By the way, the Nav Log button does not appear until you have chosen an origin and destination for your flight and you will need to go to the Nav Log screen to be able to change the starting altitude.

I’ve not tried on an airport that has an altitude of over 1,500ft by the way, so don’t know if MSFS uses the barometric altitude or radar altitude for the apparent 1,500ft minimum.




Where is the Nav Log Button ? I’ve choosen an origin and a destination, but i have no Nav Log Button.

Feel like a good old rookie today ! :flushed:

It should be in the upper right of the screen and is a blue button.

I’ll get on my sim pc, when i’ve eaten my dinner, and post a screenshot.

That should do it.

Oh ! I’ve never seen this button before ! Thanks !

Hower, i can change the cruise altitude, not the altitude when the fly start.

Thanks again Paul !

Maybe give it a try???

I will ! And i will let you now !

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My experience: for starting in the air it helps to press pause key immediatly after spawning, so engine and rotor have time to speed up. After ending the pause, the Bell usually catches itself quite quickly (at least in “easy” mode).

HI azzie, and thanks for sharing your experience ! :slight_smile:

I will try when i will be back at home.