Starting the flight over a POI

I do not know if I am the only one to notice this strange behavior: when we start the flight over a POI, the BELL engine is stopped and the time it starts, the BELL does loops and moves away from the POI. We often find ourselves quite far from the selected POI.
This behavior is specific to the BELL47 and is not noted with other devices.

What I have found is that as soon as you spawn, hit the Active-Pause and let the engine get up to operating speed. Once the rotor speed is in the green, pull up on the collective till you are somewhere between 20 and 25 on the manifold pressure gauge. Give it some left rudder and then unpause Active Pause. In my experience, things are very stable starting in mid-air doing that.


thank you for your answer and these very specific advice. They make it possible to circumvent the problem …

Hi Seth and welcome aboard.

Thanks for helping @didlam out on starting in the air.


Hi, Check the nav log on the planning screen, as that will let you set the altitude to whatever you want.
I now take off from my local playing field.

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