Storage and things?

I bet many people like me wanna do stuff like OnAir, NeoFly and what not, and having some storage boxes or what ever you’d have on this for mail delivery or medicin or what ever would be cool. And maybe an option for even more fuel for mad long trecks?

I have done the test flightin OnAir to have this thing added so hopefully in a few days it will be there.

But mainly storage for hauling things in the career apps.

Other than that, I think I’m stupidly happy as it is. I mean, sure, some sort of navigation system would be cool. Feels like its what one would have in any aircraft, and as it can be optional I dont see an issue there. GN430 or something, does not need to be anything crazy.

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Thanks for test flying that Murdoch :slight_smile: I use OnAir too. Fingers crossed they add it in.

I paid for it 4 months ago and barely used it, too lazy! xD

@Murdoch, OnAir approved the Bell47 for use, thanks to your help ! :+1:

P.S - OnAir can be addicting once you get into it :slight_smile: I use it to give me places to visit for practice on PilotEdge.


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