Superb stuff indeed. The Bell 47

Hello there

it’s a bugger to fly, the textures need love and it’s as noisy as hell.

I adore ir!

I really appreciate the work you’re putting in, keep it up as this is my defacto toy in MSFS.

Any chance we will see a “removeable” or hideable GPS for it? (apologies if asked previously) the more things we can add/remove, the better imho.

like everyone else, I’m also pining for Floats.

I’ve spent all day flying around London, Tomorrow I’ll do Paris. excellent.




Hi LoK and welcome aboard.

It’s good to hear that you are enjoying the Bell and long may that continue.

Enjoy Paris. :slight_smile:




@OrLoK , totally agree! I´ve tried to fly another aircraft for five minutes today, and couldn’t bear it. Went right back to my 47. Flyinside made me an addicted. Thank you, guys.
BTW, I did Los Angeles today. With object detail pumped to 200, I could visit every tourist trap and some more. Even my favourite guitar stores.


I agree 100%. I struggled to get the 47 working after the last update and was forced to fly a fixed wing ( EA-7 Edgley Optica). It just felt too easy; it’s not really engaging. Fortunately, I’m up and running again. I still can’t fly low and slow in the 47 (at least not in the direction I want to be going), but I’ll not give up, it will come. At first, I could not even hold it steady at speed, but now it just seems to go where I want it without thinking.


it’s a weird beast, sometimes I can put it down in the most built up, cluttered tiny space in the universe without effort, other times I can’t get off the ground or stay in the air.

always fun though.

the H135 mod, ruined fixed wing aircraft for me, now the slow pace of the Bell and its view has ruined the H135.

I always thought I was a fast jet type of guy whereas actually I’m more autogyro!

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Last night I ALMOST landed on the top of the Westing Bonaventure, downtown L. A. I was blown backwards by some wind, I guess, and fell over Figueroa St. But I´ll try again soon.

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I think its part of the T&Castle to land on everything

careful, one can fall through the tops of the great pyramids!

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Since the last update of the Bell and with SU5 it’s much more responsive to fly now. I feel like I jumped two skill levels overnight… really have this little monkey under full control now. Done about 50 hrs flying since SU5. 49 of them in the Bell :joy: Addictive as hell… in my top 3 all time sim Helicopters. Cant wait to see what comes next from Flyinside


Hi Stu and welcome aboard.

It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the Bell.

I’m also very interested to see what might come next.