Takeoff and Landing problems

Hey all, really loving the way the 206 flies even though I’m not a real world pilot and I’ve only managed to get in the air on Easy so far, however takeoff and landing is brutal for me.

I know there have been some tweaks done to the ground adhesion but when taking off it seems to jump in the air, no gradual lighteneing and a huge swing to the right, even with left pedal keeping it straight until it makes the jump up.

Also, on landing the approach seems to be fine but the second the skids touch the ground, there is again, a massive swing to the right unless I completely drop collective the second it touches the ground.

Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if this is something that is still being worked on?


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Yes, this is precisely my problem and I reported it over the weekend.
See some messages to and from on here - the team are aware of this and looking into it…

Should have a fix soon, move onto medium and give that a try but take it slow :slight_smile:


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I have a few hours in a swichzer 300 and both the 206 and 47 are realistic in realistic mode as the isputs you use on the controls should be pressure not input as soon as you start using contol inpiuts instead of pressure you will find yourself in a bad spot indeed same as the real thing

As my instructor would say, a woman doesn’t like to be man handled. (Well if she does that’s a different story. :rofl: ) You will need to learn to undo your dirty fix wing habits. Interesting enough my first five flights in a fix wing trainer, I was sick as a dog. Keeping smooth on the control helped me settled in. That translated well when I move to helos. Use three finger pressure on the cyclic and don’t pump the collective, just smooth inputs.