TELEMETRY TAB does not appear

I am very satisfied with this latest update. It meets my expectations (especially for the external view).
The telemetry tab does not appear in my Heli Manager (although it is visible in the documentation).
It would be interesting however to visualize it for my 6DOF. Thank you

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Hi @didlam and welcome aboard.

It’s good to hear that you are enjoying the 47G.

I have raised a question with the devs about this and you should have an answer later today.

thank you to you, I’m happy to be part of the forum and good flights to all

Hi @HawkMoth,
I really appreciate your helicopter, however I also have a problem with the telemetry feedback on the vertical axis, for use with a 6dof dynamic platform, the values on this axis do not move during the flight, the only time there are values that move are when the skids leave the ground or on landing, when they touch the ground. Do you have any information about this please. Thank you by advance for your answer

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Hi mate and welcome :slight_smile: which simulation variables is your motion platform reading ?


Thanks @TonyF :slightly_smiling_face:

I use " Simtools " software which does not specify the name of the variables, I just have the return of the values of “Roll Pitch Heave Yaw Surge”, all works very well with the planes, but only the Heave has no return with the helicopter, all the other values arrive well. As @didlam said in his request, the Telemetry tab present in the documentation does not appear in the Heli Manager, it would perhaps allow to see what is not returned to my Simtools software

Hi Tony, the SimVar for Heave is ACCELERATION BODY Y

I’ll pass this onto Dan and see what he says mate :wink:


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